It´s an architecture masterpiece: the Guggenheim Museum in New York on 5th Avenue. Solomon R. Guggenheim, that´s its full name, was founded in 1939. All over the world there are five Guggenheim Museums, the one in Manhattan is the oldest one. The building , designed by famous architect Frank Lloyed Wright, which has a build like a huge cup is often called the “cup made of concrete”. What´s the reason for being the most famous museum on earth? What makes it so special? We explored it for you.

History of the Guggenheim Museum

Solomon R. Guggenheim was a collector of modern art and avant-garde art, which he had shown since 1929 in his apartment in private. In 1937 he founded the Solomon R. Guggenheim foundation, which allowed him by the state of New York, to run a museum officially. Without further ado the forerunner of Guggenheim Museum was founded on 24th East Street. It was called the Museum of Non-Objective-Painting. In 1943 Frank Lloyd Wright got the order to design the Guggenheim Museum. His plans weren´t put into practice until 1956-1959. The Museum was influential influenced by Thomas M. Messer, who run the museum as a director since 1961 for 27 years. He extended the collection and worked on the reputation of the museum. The worldwide excellent reputation of the Guggenheim owes for the most part Thomas M. Messer.

The architect and his masterpiece

Frank Lloyed Wright produced over 700 sketches of the museum to create it´s construction, so often called “the temple of spirit” The main feature is a spiral ramp riding to a domed skylight. The open rotunda afforded viewers the unique possibility of seeing several bays of work on different levels simultaneously and even to interact with guest on other levels. The fact that the museum is located next to central park, was very important for Wright, because he liked the idea of being surrounded by inspirationed nature and a beautiful atmosphere. Central Park has the function as a spot for breaks, relaxing and enjoying the quit area of the Big Apple, the park affords relief from the noise.guggenheim-jvl--1600x960

The collection of the Guggenheim Museum

Beginning with Solomon R. Guggenheim´s founding collection of abstract art, the museum´s holdings have been augmented and strengthened over the years by Karl Nierendorf´s important German and Austrian Expressionist works, Justin K. Thannhauser´s Impressionist, Post-Impressionist and other modern pieces. Other important additions to the permanent collection have included major donations from the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation´s photographic collection as well as contemporary work of video, film and installation art from Bohen Foundation.The result is a multi-layered international collection featuring masterpieces from nearly all modern art movements and contemporary art movements from the late 19th-century to present.

Did you recognize it again?

The Guggenheim Museum is a very popular shooting location for movies. Will Smith was chasing an alien down the spiral ramp in his blockbuster Men in Black. For the movie “The international” the producers reconstructed the Guggenheim Museum in the “Barbelsberger Filmstudios” in Germany.

Relaxing in Café 3

On the third floor you´re invited to enjoy the view of Central Park by a glass of wine, some food, a coffee, or other beverages. Opened daily from 10:30 am – 5 pm.

Shopping at Guggenheim Museum

If you´re looking for some gifts or souvenirs this museum´s shop is a good place to go. The museum´s shop of the Guggenheim is considered as the best museum´s shop in New York City. For a reason, because you´ll find beside some very rare and interesting art books, great art printings of the museum´s artwork and a lot of creative gift ideas.

3 hours full of art

The Guggenheim Museum offers a wide collection of art, but won´t need more than 3 hours to see everything. Combine your day at Central Park with a visit at the Guggenheim. It´s worth it. Comparing to the MET Museum, MoMa, or Museum of Natural History its with it´s size of 4743m2 relatively small.Guggenheim_Kuppel-1600x960


Adults: $22

Students und Seniors (65 years) with ID: $18

Children under 12 years are free

Tickets for the Guggenheim Museum you can purchase very convenient online. You don´t have to wait in line and have direct access to the museum.

The New York Pass offers free entry to the Guggenheim Museum. All information about the New York Pass you´ll find here.

My conclusion: Art lovers will especially enjoy this place. The architecture itself is worth it and also a reason for visiting. Especially when you´re the owner of the New York Pass the museum is included and close by the main sights in New York. It´s a great experience- enjoy!

A masterpiece: The Guggenheim Museum
Adresse1071 5th Ave
New York
NY 10128
ÖffnungszeitenSunday–Wednesday 10:00 am –5:45 pm,
Fr 10:00 am –5:45 pm
Sa 10:00 am–8:45 pm

4–6 86 Street

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