Fancy Sushi in New York?

Best Sushi in New York

5. Mai 2015
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New York offers a wide range of different Sushi restaurants. Sushi and New York that fits together. But, where can you find the freshest, best tasting Sushi in whole New York City? That should be my first exercise for my first article here on this Blog.

A wide range of amazing restaurants

NYC is a megacity where you can find a wide range of restaurants from almost all over the world. A variety, which makes a culinary journey possible to every country you like. I love Sushi and as far as I can say, here you have Sushi restaurants on virtually every street corner. But for you guys, I have tested one of them, which its nothing to sneeze at.
I must confess that, Tomoe Sushi is much better than it looks like. The line in front of it is very long? Don´t be undeterred by it!  It´s worth it.

The Village / SoHo

We are in Greenwich Village. A very inspiring area, so called: „the village“. One of the latest trendy areas in Manhattan, where you can find artists, musicans and people who love to live the experimental way of life. Greenwich Village is located between the 14th street in the north, the houston street in the south, the hudson river in the west and the broadway in the east.

Walk around fancy SoHo

Before going to Tomoe Sushi I have joined Soho a little bit and took a walk over Prince Street (where you are able to go shopping so excellent by the way), then I made a right to Thompson Street. Even if you are not a big Sushi fans, Greenwich Village is worth a visit.

It´s a small place

Tomeo Sushi is a small place, obviously they have space for 20 people maximal and then it is really… lets say „snugly“. But that´s what it makes so special to come here. The food is fresh cooked and if you want, you can have a look how they make it at their viewable kitchen.

They don´t take reservations

Like in the most restaurants in the City: making a reservation is not possible. „First come, first served“. The line of waiting people you see from a distance. For me as a german it was very strange to wait in line just for a dinner. The restaurant doesn´t give the impression that you will get there the best sushi in NYC. The windows are mostly covered with posters of japanese letters and dragons, the entrance door is so narrow that really just one person fits through it. „But“- I thought as I came there fort the first time- there is a reason why new yorkers stand in line and wait without hesitation. The prices are a bit higher compared to other sushi restaurants in the City, but you`ll get a very fresh and delicious Sushi in a great quality. It´s a real tasting adventure. Here you´ll find the menu online.

My conclusion: Who loves Sushi should´t skip this traditional, small restaurant in Greenwich Village. Here you are in the heart of the New Yorkers, far away from all the tourists and their hubs. I will come back and then I will stand in line again like everybody does, because it´s normal here at Tomoe Sushi! Good to know: restaurant closes at 11pm!

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