Fette Sau in Williamsburg

Best BBQ in Brooklyn: The Fette Sau in Williamsburg

7. Dezember 2016
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German is more famous than ever in New York City. Speaking German here is „in“ and that´s why the german restaurants are starting to get more and more prominence. One of the most famous is the „Fette Sau“ in Hipsterville Williansburg– German for „fat Pig“. If you´re coming to NYC for vacation, like delicious BBQ, and want to be surrounded by extravagent of stylish clientele, then come to the Fette Sau. I bet this ist he right place for you.

Let´s go to Williamsburg in Brooklyn

The „Fette Sau“ is located in Williamsburg. One of the edgiest neigbourhoods in Brooklyn. A walk arround the urban, fancy area in Williamsburg reminds me of Berlin in Germany. The rents in Berlin are cheap, clubs are open nearly 24 hours, you meet in front of your place to join your friends and have a beer. Lifestyle and vitality is of major importance in their lives. One of the hottest club´s in Williamsburg (called Output) advertises with the information, that they nearly have the same atmosphere as „Berghain“ – one of the hottest club´s in Berlin. As if I had known it all along. If you wanted to know who started the trend of the full beard: I´m sure, the trend started right there in Williamsburg.

A different idea, but a good one

The idea of the „Fette Sau“ is different: you order right at the butcher himself. You have the choice between a wide range of fresh types of meat.

fettesau-280x186They really cater to all tastes. The next stop is the side-order station. Here all your wishes will be granted. They sell by weight and you have to pay in the end at the checkout. The preperation of the meat and the sizes is awesome. The value for your money is excellent as well. At the „Fette Sau“ you just get organic food- that should be one of the reasons why they are known fort he best BBQ in NYC. On the recoomendation of the butcher I ate my meat without sauces, so that the taste of the meat emerges better. He was right- it was so delicous. While waiting in line for you grilled meat you can have first beer if you want to and make some small talk with the other guests.

My conclusion: If you like to eat meat and are looking for a new experience this is the right place and should not leave it out. It´s easy to get there: just take the L train / Brooklyn and leave the train at the station: „Metropoltan/Lorimer. My advice for you: Don´t go to the „Fette Sau“ when it´s busy- so don´t go in the evenings or on weekends- it could be very crowed and you might could wait 1 hour for a table. They don´t take reservations. 

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