Named after John D. Rockefeller the famous Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan is an Art Deco New York City landmark. Spanning 22 acres and featuring 19 commercial buildings in New York including the GE Building (General Electric Building), where you can go on “Top of the Rocks”. But there´s also the Radio City Music Hall, the NBC Studios and a big shopping center in the three blocks long complex. Here you get all informations about Rockefeller Center.Rockefeller Center

One of the most popular attractions: Top of the Rock

One of the world-class entertainment options is the observation deck of the GE Building located on 70th floor. Enjoy the amazing vista of Manhattan. From here you´ll see another famous landmarks of New York: the Empire State Building. You want to go on top of the rock? Click here to find out more about

Channel Gardens

If you want to relax and enjoy a little green space in Midtown Manhattan, you have to visit the Channel Gardens. The Channel Gardens separates La Maison Française (610 Fifth Avenue) from the British Empire Building (620 Fifth Avenue), just as the English Channel separates the two countries. It provides a calm diversion from the bustle of Fifth Avenue for generations of New Yorkers.

Rockefeller Center Christmas tree

The lighting of the iconic Rockefeller Center christmas tree takes place each year on one of the last days of November. The Christmas Tree is very famous and known all over the world. Several thousand people are coming to this NYC event each year, when 30.000 lights on the iconic 75-foot tall Norway Spruce tree brighten the Manhattan sky until the first week of January.

Rockefeller Center ice skating

As far as winter activities go, there is nothing more classic, more festive, more downright New York than skating at the rink of Rockefeller Center. 250,000 visitors each winter enjoy the famous rink at Rockefeller Center Plaza. Skaters of all skills are invited each year to participate.ChristmasTree-1440x960

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Dear women, now it´s getting serious: Rockefeller Center has plenty of amazing retailers, where you can buy both classic fashion and the current trends. From spacious flagship stores to very unique specialty stores, they have something for every taste and style. View all stores here.

Restaurants and bars

After a long day of shopping, sightseeing and snapping amazing photos, Rockefeller Center offers plenty of dining options. You´ll find great burgers, sandwiches and steaks at Bill´s Bar & Burgers, or Lenny´s. New Yorks famous Magnolia Bakery (you might know it from Sex and the City) is also located at Rockefeller Center. And whether you want to grab a quick bite, get your cappuccino fix at Starbucks, have some awesome cocktails or enjoy a special family dinner, you’ll relish the delicious options. Click here to see all the current restaurants at Rockefeller Center.

Guided tours

If you´re interested in watching behind the scenes, Rockefeller Center offers a guided tour by an expert historian through the huge complex. Your journey begins over 80 years ago with John D. Rockefeller Jr.’s unwavering vision for a cultural center and touches upon all the great works of art and architecture that comprise it today. You go through the most significant buildings of the Center, gardens and spaces. While you´re follow your own personal headset, you´ll get a lot of hidden information about the Rockefeller Center and it´s history.Rockefeller Center

The most popular photo of Rockefeller Center

Lunch atop a Skyscraper is a famous black-and-white photograph taken during constructions of the GE Building. I´m sure you´ve seen it on so many postcards, walls and posters. It was imitated by LEGO, the Simpsons and many others and is a world successfulness photo, which is still sold 100 times a months.DailySunny

Highlights of Rockefeller Center
Adresse45 Rockefeller Plaza
New York
NY 10111

47-50 St B, D, F, M

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