Intelligentsia Coffee Bar at Herald Square

5. Mai 2015
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You don´t know coffee culture until you´ve been to Intelligentsia. It’s been 18 years since the first Intelligentsia opened in Lakeview, and seven since the now-national coffee company has meaningfully expanded in the Chicago market. That’s about to change this year, as Intelligentsias pop up in Logan Square, San Francisco and since this month in the heart of the City, Midtown Manhattan- at Herald Square.
CoffeeIn the coffee bars of Intelligentsia you can expect to find this remarkable coffee in all of its forms: whole bean, various approaches to brewed, and carefully prepared as espresso. Their goal is that each of these is presented in an environment. Every single coffee looks, tasts and smells perfect. Huge swaths of Carrera marble coat the walls and the bar, while brass accents glimmer in the natural light. Designed to serve an ocean of coffee to the thousands of passers-by each day, this bar pairs old and new brewing equipment to guarantee the best tasting coffee is readily available. Breakfast, Lunch… not just coffee…

But there´s not just coffee at Intelligentsia at Herald Square, you will also find your delicious breakfast there: from 7:00 am to 10:30  am they offer a wide range of organic breakfast. Start your day with a cream cheese bagel for just $2 or a ham and egg english muffin for $5.50. Their lunch menu starts at 11am – close and promises by the way also an gorgeous tasting food.

My conclusion: When you want to start your day in a perfect way, join the Intellegentsia Coffee Bar at Herald Square. I muss confess, that I am not the typical coffee girl- drinking a green tea is the perfect start of my day, but after visiting this coffee bar I changed my mind. But, when I will have a coffee then, it must be one of Intelligentsia. Enjoy!


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