The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber is a great fairy tale and one of the established Musicals on Broadway. The story and the music are known worldwide and captures attention to its audience regularly. This musical impresses since its first debut on Broadway in 1988. At this time Phantom the Opera was awarded with the famous Tony Award in the categories: Best Musical, best director, leading actor in Musical, featured actress in a Musical and many more other popular awards. 

Story summary

Based on the classic Novelle by Gaston Lerous, the Phantom of the Opera tells a story of a masked being, which carries out his nefarious deeds in the Opera´s basement. Everyone is scared and afraid of the Phantom. With a special reason Tthe masked man let a lot of strange things happening in the building of the opera. The reason is his love to a female actress of the opera, called Christine. During a show he kidnapped her into his basement and confesses his unconditional love her feels for her. By following his goal to promote her extraordinary talent and making her a big star at the opera, he tries everything to reach his goals. But his love won´t be responded, which lets him behave in a very devious manner.

Who likes this Musical?

This Musical is a Must-See for all real musical fans, because it´s one of the best since decades. The music is amazing and the scenery is impressive. My advice is not to see the musical with kids under 12 years, because there are a lot of scary scenes a child might not understand.If you want to go with your children I recommend the Lion King or the amazing Aladdin, which are also shown on Broadway.

Which seats a recommended?

Enjoy the first class seats in the categories:  „Orchestra“ or „Front Mezzanine“ of the historic Majestic Theatre. The best tickets are sold out a couple of weeks in advance, so book your tickets as soon as you can, so that you won´t miss your favorite show on Broadway.

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Map of the Majestic Theatre

The theatre is located at 245 West 44th St. (between 7. and 8. Avenue).

Here you see the different categories at Majestic Theatre. My favorite ones are  „Orchestra“ or „Front Mezzanine“ – In this categories you´ll get the most value for your money and have an amazing view as well. My advice: The best deals are during the week in the afternoon. The prices are much more cheaper than on weekends, or evenings.Majestic-Theatre

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Phantom of the Opera on Broadway
Adresse247 W 44th St
New York
NY 10036
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