The Statue of Liberty, lovely called „Lady Liberty“, is  a universal symbol of freedom. She was a gift from France on America’s 100th birthday and was dedicated on 10/28/1886. So many tourists visit the Statue of Liberty every day. Here you can find out all about a visit of Miss Liberty and how you get to her the most convenient way.

History and facts

The French sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi created the statue itself out of sheets of hammered copper, while Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel, the man behind the famed Eiffel Tower, designed the statue’s steel framework. The Statue of Liberty was then given to the United States and erected atop an American-designed pedestal on a small island in Upper New York Bay, now known as Liberty Island, and dedicated by President Grover Cleveland in 1886. Over the years, the statue stood tall as millions of immigrants arrived in America via nearby Ellis Island; in 1986, it underwent an extensive renovation in honor of the centennial of its dedication. Today, the Statue of Liberty remains an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy, as well as one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. The seven rays of the Statue’s crown represent the seven seas and continents of the world. The tablet that the Statue holds in her left hand reads in Roman numerals „July 4th, 1776.“ (JULY IV MDCCLXXVI)

How tall and how heavy is Miss Liberty?

Her height from ground to tip of torch is 305 ft. The total weight of copper in the Statue is 62,000 pounds (31 tons) and the total weight of steel in the Statue is 250,000 pounds (125 tons). Total weight of the Statue’s concrete foundation is 54 million pounds (27,000 tons).

Visiting the statue of liberty

The tickets for the boats trip to Miss Liberty and Ellis Island are limited per day. With this ticket the boat takes you to the statue and Liberty Island. After your time there the boat brings you to Ellis Island, where you can visit the popular immigration museum. The museum is included and you´ll not be charged for it. The boat starts from Battery Park in lower Manhattan.

How much time do you need for your visit?

Visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island takes approximately the half of your day in New York. Especially when you want to go on top of Miss Liberty and inside the crown. Even if you have your tickets, you´ll still wait in line, because they follow a lot of strong security laws on Ellis Island. Only 30 People are allowed to enter the statue altogether.

 At what time we should go for a trip to the Statue of Liberty

Start in the early morning, when it´s not that packed than in the afternoon. The first ferry starts at 9:30am to Ellis Island. Approximately 3.5 million people visit the Statue of Liberty every year, so expect some lines and a lot of other people who have the same goal: See Miss Liberty the closet you can.

Security advices

Since 9/11 the security checks changed considerably. It´s like the checks you have to pass at an airport. So take care, that you don´t have glass or any other dangerous things with you. Since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 the crown is accessible for the public again. They had to renovate Ellis Island because oft he huge damages and since 2013 the crown is finally opened.

Tickets and prices

To save extra time book your tickets online: here you can search for tickets to visit the Statue of Liberty by boat cruise. You can choose between different ticket options and save a special date and time for you.

Take the South Ferry to Staten Island

When you´re in a rush, or don´t have the time to spend a half of your day viiting the statue you also can take the south ferry to Staten Island to see Miss Liberty. Staten Island ferry passest the statue during it´s way to Staten Island and you have an amazing view on the Statue of Liberty and on Manhattan skyline. The ferry runs 365 day a year and is free.

Visiting the Statue of Liberty
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